Studio 21 –
immersive club

Premiere on: 25.08.21
Additional dates: 26.08., 27.08., 28.08.

Enter the arena.
Of course, yes please, thanks.
I’m in. - Me too. - Me too.

Rainald Goetz, Rave

Oh, to go clubbing again! In the catacombs of the Kulturbrauerei, Studio 21 opens its doors as a spectacular inclusive club. A club that even the club capital Berlin has never seen before. A club which is managed and run by people with disabilities, inclusively occupying all the key roles: the bouncer, the DJane, the bar staff. Visitors step down into a hedonistic world of music, dance, encounters, amusement park and drinks – lost during the pandemic, now found again. Famously, the most exciting time of day is night. As soon as the light goes, the rules and stories change, and this is where these unique moments can be experienced. Welcome to the arena. Welcome to the immersive club Studio 21.

The performance can be followed with audio description and we are happy to supply a sign language interpreter. Please note however that the club is not wheelchair accessible.

Christian Behrend, Mario Gaulke, Juliana Götze, Sven Hakenes, Moritz Höhne, Franziska Kleinert, Shirly Klengel, Hans-Harald Janke, Tobias Kreßmann, Jennifer Lau, Uwe Locati, Anil Merickan, Dirk Nadler, Sascha Perthel, Rebecca Sickmüller, Jonas Sippel, Sebastian Urbanski, Nele Winkler, Michael Wittsack
Directing: Ensemble
Stage Design: Hanna Zeyer, Wanda Traub
Costume Design: Beatrix Brandler
Music: Leo Solter
Video: Lillevan
Technical Management: Jan Langebartels
Assistant Director: Vicki Steinmüller